Thursday, February 14, 2008

Missionary to the United States

Back home and it feels alright . I spent 4 days with my uncle in California after a flight and a layover . The people sitting next to me on the plane from Florida to California where/are huge advocates to the Haitian people working with (raising money/leading etc etc) Wyclef Jean , Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie . I got to share with them my experience and I was excited to hear about theres . I meet amazing people . God is so good to me .

My first sunday home I had a tough time with the worship music , its much different from Guatemala . I have been actively seeking a mentor to disciple me and Im getting back into middle school youth group ministries after a meeting with Paster Wayne today . I took my grandma out to the Oak Table and it was good to see her . I have yet to go to Bellingham to visit my other friends . Pray for Gods will to be done in my life , for a mentor , for my application to Afghanistan and for where to attend college . To be honest , the site might be boring for a few months but I will try to update with photos and youth group events as often as I can from this country.


Sunday, February 3, 2008


Thank you to those that were praying , it was incredible. Saturday was actually cancled and it was moved until today because the police had raided the street right before we headed there , the people we were going to minister to were either hiding or arrested . As I spoke I felt an authority I had never felt before , fearless even in a very gritty section of the city . This is something I dont really want to write about , you can email me about it if your interested , this article could never do the experience justice .

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tegulcigalpa Honduras

Just stealing a few minutes away of computer time . The last few days I had a wonderful time in Antigua setting up websites for 3 different missionaries with a total time of over 22 hours in 3 days on the computer (a personal record) . To be honest it was relaxing to have some down time at Denny and Phyllis house in a quiet section outside of town . Church was amazing .

Tuesday morning at 3 am I got up and caught the bus to visit my good friend and Pastor Maiko . The only problem was when I got into town I realized that I was in a bad area of town . I walked outside the station and Maiko was nowhere to be found (there are two stations in town) . I quickly realized that my cellphone didnt work and I had no Honduran currency to make a phone call . I was quickly looking around at the taxis that would gladly take all of my money , as they smiled devious smiles . I managed to find a telephone in a small tienda that I talked into excepting my "fake" guatemalan money . 3 bucks for a 2 minute phone call only to realize that I had stored the wrong phonenumber in my cellphone . No money , check ... bad section of town , check ....... No friends for miles etc etc . I sent up a few quick prayers and they were answered shortly by a girl named Annais that was a Honduran from LA visiting her mother in Honduras . With her perfect english she asked if I was lost.... Im not sure if my gringo backpack and the stupid look on my face gave it away . Long story short , she and her boyfriend from France took me to her mothers house and tried to cook me dinner . I was so grateful that strangers would take me in , God blessed me and it opened up an oppurtunity for me to share christ with them . Maiko arrived at the house 30 minutes later and my adventure was coming to a close .

The last few days have been a nonstop whirl-wind and God has been revealing himself to me in huge ways. The first day we painted a church (I dont have pictures yet , but picture mexico on stilts for the church) and it was quite the challenge . I found out that the guys have a Halo (video game) ministry so that was amazing . Thursday slept in and did alot of praying , had a sweet time with the lord . I was asked to preach at the youth church for Friday and I felt God leading me to step out in that area . Later that night at a very nice resturant I met the president of Honduras,s daughter.... thats right! She is a newer Christian in a all catholic country and a friend of Maikos . We had talked earlier on the phone that day so the excitement was building . We had an awesome one on one conversation about God and what he is doing in my life for over 15 minutes . Really down to earth girl , she started calling me "Big Mac" for reasons unknown to me but I wasnt about to argue . It was amazing to receive insight from her and to joke around about her dad . Great experience.

Maiko and I went to there equivalant of Starbucks and MTV central America was there and we got on tv I think , they took are pictures as we played a silly games win a backpack for Maikos laptop. Later that afternoon I preached at the youth group , a real leap out of my confort zone and then I was asked to do it again tomorrow (or today now) . That leads me to this point... Im at a Halo party at 3.31 in the morning with a few minutes to spare . Tomorrow (today) we are going to do the most challenging thing I probabley have ever done in this life and that is witness to drug dealors and prostitutes in what I was told could be the most dangerous section of the city . We are going to bring food and the word of God , living water . Im going to speak the message in front of them and try to share Christs love as much as I can . My few days here have been the best of my life and God is watching over me and I feel his prescence . Pray for my safety but it really doesnt matter , fear not those that can harm the body but fear the one that controls your soul . Joy . Thats the one and only word that can describe this . Tomorrow will be huge and im excited as I walk in faith . Pray for my words that I speak . Pray for my brother Maiko and the awesome conversations we have been having . Dios te Bendiga .