Monday, June 18, 2012


It’s that time of the year again when everything channels down into a unified current that just keeps flowing. I just finished a tense, down to the minute, Greek exam that I hope I passed; adrenaline still coursing through my veins. I write now in the great hope of being able to study again next semester at Laidlaw, not quite sure how it will all come together.

It was now almost a year ago that I collapsed in the North Shore Hospital without enough blood to keep me going. That experience of parvovirus + the newly discovered hereditary blood disease nearly got the better of me. I thank God for the life he has allowed me to continue living. Fast forward to a more recent time, when I had come back from surgery in the States and had a few more tropical illnesses in a remote Fijian town; only then to struggle with getting my New Zealand student visa in on time. That was a miracle in itself, a miracle I won’t expand on here, but still something that couldn’t be explained as anything other than an act of God. It hugely strengthened my faith to say the least.

Above: In the ER, 12 hours before collapse. July, 2011.

As of today, I’m 2 exams and 10 days away from finishing my final semester before heading into my ‘senior’ year at Laidlaw. I know that God has called me to study here, in this time, and that has been made more than clear- being affirmed multiple times. In 2 semesters God willing, I will have a Bachelor in Theology, majoring in pastoral care. God has always shown me just a step ahead of where I’m supposed to be, but the future is open. I have the opportunity to move to Paraguay post studies t to assist and learn from a dear friend of mine that works with the poor in Asuncion. My heart races when I think about working with the poor and marginalized; some of the times I felt most fully alive where when I was in Guatemala with only a few dollars to my name. I knew God was so close to me. As much as I love the western countries that have shaped me, I feel like if I don’t get out shortly, I will burst. My spiritual act of worship is to study at this time, I’m called to persevere. 

 I’m nearly halfway there monetarily from a generous donation and the vineyard work I did this summer. $4400 NZD ($3,491 usd) is the remaining balance which is still a massive number. As opposed to other semesters, this could* (things can always change) be the last semester I would need financial assistance. Semester 1 is just finishing and Winter/Spring semester (2) is just around the corner. July 20th is the cut off date I need the financial assistance by so I can still apply for my student visa. After this semester, NZ heads into summer and I’m able to work full time for 3 months on the south island and if I stay healthy can pay off around 75% of the final semester costs. If you’re broke like me, ask God to allow my dad to sell a few houses as he has told me he would contribute to my education from the (potential) sales. If you do feel compelled to donate towards my education, contact my folks Mike+Deanna at (360) 681.5154 or stop by and say hello at 32 Thornton Place, out in Dungeness.

This very well could be my last year in NZ and I’m excited about what the future holds. Thank you for journeying with me and petitioning God on my behalf.



Above: Having just returned to NZ from the US and Fiji, I was interviewed by Laidlaw Principle, Dr. Rod Thompson at Community Gathering. November 2011.