Monday, September 20, 2021

Norvell Jetter 9/20/21

It's with deep sadness I share that a man I've known my entire life (baby sat me) passed away today. I'm so thankful we got to see him and the family just a year ago in Georgia when we took them out to dinner for Natalie's 60th - we were then blessed with a private concert when they sang for us. What a joy it was to have known him and what a gift it was to have seen him one last time after a 20+ year hiatus.

1997 at DCC

2020 in Atlanta


Sunday, September 5, 2021

Entering Year Two

    Following Guatemala, it was a fight-to-the-end-finish for my first year of seminary. I can hardly believe we’ve been in Portland for just over a year now when it feels like we just left Sequim yesterday. We were blessed to be able to spend the better part of August in Washington seeing friends and family as well as celebrating our 7th anniversary on 7/25 (or were we celebrating Lauren's Birthday from 7/26?) a tad bit late on San Juan Island.

    A completely unexpected development has occurred in my schooling. Instead of going two years full time and graduating, I’ll be going for three. In this way I will be able to graduate with my cohort class of twenty with an advanced degree. Fall semester (classes start 9/10) will mark my last full-time semester of study before doing the next year-and-half, part-time. Honestly, this shift was strange and unexpected, but Lauren and I prayed, and it felt right.

    Come January 2021, Lauren and I will be looking to return to full time ministry work… somewhere. The need in Portland is great and we will see where we land. Would you say a prayer for us today asking God for clarity? At this point, the people and place of Portland feel like home – but our apartment lease is up in February which is really interesting timing considering this wasn’t the original plan. Exciting times.

San Juan Island

Island Sunset

Mom bought Pac-Man. Had to show my nephew Titus the ways...

Cuddles with niece Lucy are the best

Family Lake Day

My brother in law accidentally fell in with his clothes on - it ended up being for the best

Walking the 2020 sabbatical 'covid trail' around Crescent


'Wedding Reception' with the newlyweds 

Their first Seahawks game ever was 30-0 over the Chargers. We told them this was normal :)