Thursday, June 11, 2020

Letter to Dungeness Community Church

Beloved Church,

It’s been a joy and privilege to serve you these last 7 years as your Youth Pastor. God worked a series of small miracles in 2012 which lead me to apply for this position that began July of 2013. The three major dreams God put on my heart for this community were realized: the uniting of local youth groups and pastors across multiple churches to share the gospel, serving American Indians locally (specifically Neah Bay) and inviting disconnected Boys and Girls Club students into our family. Each dream has a story. None was done perfectly. When I first applied to DCC, I committed to 5 years… the longest I’ve ever done anything for. 5 years went by in a heartbeat. In this time I got married, bought a house, fought brain cancer and more. You celebrated God’s goodness with me by supporting me through all this. For years, it’s been my hearts desire to attend seminary to be equipped for a lifetime of ministry. I had planned to start full-time study September of 2021. With the advent of Covid-19 and all of its restrictive ministry limitations for the foreseeable future, it would appear the best time is now. This summer I will be stepping down as your Youth Pastor. Pastor Tim has known my heart and been incredibly supportive. Working for him has been a brilliant seminary course in and of itself and I want to thank him for being an incredible boss and friend. My heart is to conclude this season of life by leading a team of students and adults to distribute wheelchairs, build a house and put on a VBS for the people of Guatemala this August if possible. Let’s pray and see what happens.


Pastor Piper