Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 6 ... 148 hours into cleanse .

Jan 21st 11:03 pm

Today was fine . I didn't have much of a fatigue problem and my bowels are pretty clean at this point . Tomorrow will be the final salt water cleanse . Im still in awe of God as he has been my source of strength through all of this . What is funny to me was that it has taken a number of days without food to realize that I really can't rely on myself... that was always an illusion - I never could or should have . I should never rely on my "strengths" and personality etc ... but rely on Gods . I have been suprised as the fast comes to an end on my level of patience , I didn't snap on anyone . These 6 days have been beautiful , and Im excited to share a dinner celebration right at the place I started from . The cleanse still continues until sunday , but will really be nothing in comparison (I will eat a light cheerio breakfast in the morning and salad at night to finish the 10 day span) . Last night a friend of mine got to walk around late at night downtown PA and pray for the city , we encountered a homeless man and got to pray for him and spend nearly 2 hours talking to him about life . (words cannot describe the amazing night - ask me in person if your curious) . God has affirmed to me where I should be spending my time . This really is a special time .

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Changes .

Jan 20 , 2:54 Pm . 116 Hours into Cleanse/Fast

My body is talking and now Im listening . I was so weak and tired going to bed that I tossed and turned for a good deal of the night . My body put out only 25% of the waste I had seen on the first day compared with today so I know its working . Im dizzy and weak . My brain isn't functioning the way it should and Chinese class was nearly impossible today . I have decided to call off the cleanse on the 7th day at the Frykholms house for the dinner bible study (hour 168) . From there on until Sunday at 7pm I will maintain a small level of fasting (cheating) consisting of Cheerios in the morning and a light salad in the evening . I have dropped alot of weight . Today has been difficult with the possible abortion situation , I have sent out prayer requests and Im praying for discernment on the approach . Since I don't have a direct relationship with her all can do is pray for her friends around her , then maybe call her parents if it comes to that . Im at a loss . My body is weak and my heart is heavy . I can't rely on myself at all .

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Cleansing ... Journal entries

Hey everyone , I have been keeping a journal as I embark on a 10 day journey of a fast/cleanse . Im on Day four currently , but have decided to publish my Journaling I have been keeping in a notebook . I was not inspired by Oprah (as I have found out thats where it was popularized from) but from a book written by a quaker called "Celebration of Discipline" and it touched on the Discipline of fasting .

What Iam doing is called the "Master Cleanse" . My goal is 10 days without solid food , only pure Lemon Juice , Cayenne Pepper and Grade B maple syrup twice a day in a hot beverage type format is allowed . There are numerous positive (healthy stomach , clean bowels etc) and negative aspects (fatigue,dizzy spells) of this cleanse , I do not endorse it for all . It should not be used as a lose weight scheme (my starting weight of 176lbs with clothes on was a perfectly healthy weight) but as a possible* way to rid your intestines of year of junk . For me it also holds Spiritual as well as mental parameters . I want to rely on God completely , the absence of food can leave one cranky to say the least.... exposing MY true heart . If anything , that will be the biggest gain for me ; the health gains are secondary . With all of that being said , this is the start of my brief journey without food .

Jan 15 , Thursday Night 7:15 pm at the Frykholms weekly Bible Study/Dinner is when I started....
This is the Journal entry for the first day -

Jan 16 , 10:25 am (after class)

So it has begun- Yesterday after Bible Study I quit eating . 7 :15 pm , let the cleansing begin I say! This morning I woke up with the idea that I could sleep in because I didn't need to eat breakfast . I passed up time for sleep instead of praying and being in the word . Now Im delving in at home . I need to be more efficient with my time . 1st King chp 17 impacted me big time .
I have just realized that the sludge in my bowels is a direct contrast to the sludge in my heart . No food= more sleep? Really? That was the first thing I thought of . Im starting to get a glimpse of what this cleanse is about and ridding my life daily of sin .

Jan 17th

Saturday Service was incredible! I was greatly encouraged by the women sharing there testimonies on there abortions . Two of my new friends that are not yet believers came to the Upperroom for the first time to hear about God , they loved it . My first act of selfcontrol was helping serve pizza I could not eat . I love pizza . I was so hungry . After that I hosted a rootbeer float and hot Chocolate party at my house for college students . Again I had to pray for strenght to continue on . My prayer life has increased greatly . Im starting to realize how being hungry is not fun at all . I have been thinking about what starving to death would be like . How spoiled Iam to be able to demand three meals a day . How fortunate Iam that it has occured .

Jan 18th , Sunday

Today will mark the longest span I have endured in my life without food at 72+ hours . This morning as I woke up I briefly contemplated not going to church (briefly) . I felt terrible . I had no strength or energy , I realized that I wasn't going to be able to teach my lesson to the Junior High on my own . As I prepared that day I stayed in the room and prayed over it instead of going into the service to sing for the first 30 minutes . I was interrupted by Jane Bultedoab that offered to help me with the class - I was very thankful . As the students rushed into the class , I felt a sense of peace . I shared lovingly with the class that I didn't have the highest amount of energy . I felt the lesson went well , many of the students where dialed in and listening . God was with me through that , it was the only way . Beautiful . After
I had Tea loaded with honey (i found out that was ok to do once a day as long as its non-caffeinated) with my mom and sister . I found out a girl in the community was planning on having an abortion . I was suprised but not that the night before sanctity of life was freshly implanted on my heart once more , God prepared me for that situation . Keep Jane Doe in your prayers , she is from a Christian family . I go to bed tired , hungry.

Monday 19th @ 3:42 PM Day 4 ... nearing 93 hours into the fast/cleanse.

I barely had the energy to get out of Bed . At the time I was writing this , I had to rush to the bathroom . Today is the first day my intestines have been "cleansing" themselves . The saltwater I drank prepared the way for all that cayenne pepper to finnaly come out . Intense . I was suprised at the intestine shaped pieces of waste that I was shedding . Today I know that the cleanse works . Last night I was too exhausted to go out and pray for the city which was dissapointing , but today I have been able to have a good day of rest and study - things that are both very well needed . It has been a beautiful day . Today I found out the Bible Schools name in New Zealand that I had heard so much about . I have been researching and Im excited . Something to pray for indeed . God is good . Life is good .