Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Changes .

Jan 20 , 2:54 Pm . 116 Hours into Cleanse/Fast

My body is talking and now Im listening . I was so weak and tired going to bed that I tossed and turned for a good deal of the night . My body put out only 25% of the waste I had seen on the first day compared with today so I know its working . Im dizzy and weak . My brain isn't functioning the way it should and Chinese class was nearly impossible today . I have decided to call off the cleanse on the 7th day at the Frykholms house for the dinner bible study (hour 168) . From there on until Sunday at 7pm I will maintain a small level of fasting (cheating) consisting of Cheerios in the morning and a light salad in the evening . I have dropped alot of weight . Today has been difficult with the possible abortion situation , I have sent out prayer requests and Im praying for discernment on the approach . Since I don't have a direct relationship with her all can do is pray for her friends around her , then maybe call her parents if it comes to that . Im at a loss . My body is weak and my heart is heavy . I can't rely on myself at all .


Anonymous said...

dude, Christ is your strength & portion.

Anonymous said...

P.S. my roommate did that last week!!