Saturday, April 30, 2022

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Day Six

 Sick as a dog today. Slept all day Tuesday, felt great on Wednesday - ate something terrible that night, and now I’m hurting again. Bright yellow. Started some antibiotics - hoping to rally by tomorrow morning for the flight home. Here are a few shots from today before I fell asleep in our van in the beautiful city of Antigua -

Hotel in Chimaltenango 

Convent in Antigua

Hilltop overlooking Antigua 


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Day Five

Our final day went without a hitch with all hands actively on deck. We finished the house in a record 4 hours and the whole team is back to (nearly) healthy. It was truly a great day.

With no shade in sight, this could have been a brutal day if it wasn’t for the wind

Getting set up 

Incredible setting

Oscar, David and Maria

The Caulkinator 

Micah looking sharp

Building the bunkbed with the boys

Carson recently got married and his amazing wife let him come to Guatemala for his ‘honeymoon’

78% recovered - feeling good after sleeping all day Tuesday

Nearly there

Pastor David

Ayden worked his butt off this week

One last roof to put up

                                 That’s a wrap 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Day Four

They say the “proof is in the pudding,” and these smiles speak volumes. After a slow start because of a protest (due to rising cost of living) blocking the road, the team was able to arrive to their third build site.

Myself and another teammate had a pretty rough night due to stomach issues, and were compelled to stay back today. Please ask God for a good nights rest and healthy  Wednesday.  

All of these photos are courtesy of David Rivers and Micah Iriye. The team was able to utilize Glenda’s four sons in helping build the house for added joy.

It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow we will build our 4th and final house and complete our major projects here in Chiquimulilla.

Unloading the sharp sheet metal

Transporting to site

Utilizing the boys

Trimming the pieces for a seamless fit

You’re never to young to work with power tools

If pastoring doesn’t work out, David could make it as a model 

                         Installing the windows

Installing the door

Coating the house for longevity 

Special thanks to Cornerstone Builders for sponsoring this entire house and changing a single mothers life forever 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Day Three

Today we broke into teams once more and built another house in the town as well as visited homes and heard peoples stories in the remote Chiquimulillian countryside. 

Each of the four families we visited today had experienced significant gains and losses. One particular father noted that he wasn’t sure about God as it didn’t seem like he was there for them. 

Trite Christian platitudes really don’t cut it in the back-of-beyond-countryside, in the face of real suffering. 

Ben had us read John 16:33 as he unpacked hope for today in the hope beyond this world in Christ. This isn’t to excuse not building for a better today, but doing so in light of the coming eternity with Jesus. 

Each family got a month supply of food and their first Bible. Having a tear filled Abuela pray a blessing over you is completely humbling. 

Please continue to pray for the health of our team. Three guys came down with heat exhaustion while building, and light, heat related stomachaches abound. All in all, it was another great day. 

Todays home build took place down a tiny alley way off of this tiny road

Hearing the stories of mothers are powerful

Cattle crossing 

The kindest, most hospitable people

                             Vibrant family 

“Lord, please kill the things [bugs] that want to kill us… ok, dig in guys.” - Ben

                     Telling the story of Jonah

Soccer in the street with the team

New home blessing



Curious cats

More humidity than you can poke a stick at

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Day Two

Today was one of the more special days of my life. After another beautiful Guatemalan breakfast, we set out to build Margarita’s home, the house my father provided for her. As it was her daughter Lesly’s birthday on Friday, we sang Happy Birthday and gave her Lindt chocolates on arrival. I also gave her the (Guatemalan flag blue) teddy bear that was given to me on the day of my birth as something stirred within me a week ago to do so. Her face lit up.

In the afternoon when we brought her an ornate cake from the city, her mother wept. She shared with me that after their father died, she wasn’t able to provide a Birthday for her daughter. In turn, I was able to just make it behind the new house to weep. The setting and mountainous backdrop were incredible. It didn’t rain on us, thank you for praying. 

Later in the afternoon there was a big commotion. Mitchell came over to alert us that there were a number of vehicles containing men with guns coming towards us. My heart dropped a little. 

Shortly thereafter it dawned on me that it must be the mayor that donated the land, and I, thank God, was correct. I was able to tell him my fathers story of donating this house before he died in January and pray a blessing over him and the family with Pastor Mitchell. 

Truly an incredible day that none of us will forget. 

The last thing my father ever did is now done. The work is complete. 

Surveying the site

First wall going up

Two walls

Bunk bed done, house nearly there

Building the patio

The neighborhood girls were quite taken with “El Blanco Dragon” (The White Dragon) aka Silas

12 year old Lesly cuts her Birthday cake…

…and enjoys a bite 

“Dear Lord don’t let it rain before we close the roof in Jesus name”

Go time

We made it (literally and figuratively)

No caption needed

On the way out the whole family received new clothes from Pastor David and Micah