Monday, April 25, 2022

Day Three

Today we broke into teams once more and built another house in the town as well as visited homes and heard peoples stories in the remote Chiquimulillian countryside. 

Each of the four families we visited today had experienced significant gains and losses. One particular father noted that he wasn’t sure about God as it didn’t seem like he was there for them. 

Trite Christian platitudes really don’t cut it in the back-of-beyond-countryside, in the face of real suffering. 

Ben had us read John 16:33 as he unpacked hope for today in the hope beyond this world in Christ. This isn’t to excuse not building for a better today, but doing so in light of the coming eternity with Jesus. 

Each family got a month supply of food and their first Bible. Having a tear filled Abuela pray a blessing over you is completely humbling. 

Please continue to pray for the health of our team. Three guys came down with heat exhaustion while building, and light, heat related stomachaches abound. All in all, it was another great day. 

Todays home build took place down a tiny alley way off of this tiny road

Hearing the stories of mothers are powerful

Cattle crossing 

The kindest, most hospitable people

                             Vibrant family 

“Lord, please kill the things [bugs] that want to kill us… ok, dig in guys.” - Ben

                     Telling the story of Jonah

Soccer in the street with the team

New home blessing



Curious cats

More humidity than you can poke a stick at

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