Saturday, April 23, 2022

Day One

After sleeping five hours in the capital, we got up and distributed 50 wheelchairs in the countryside. Chiquimulilla is approximately 2.5 hours from Guatemala City and the people are amazing. Our team is healthy and in good spirits despite the 92 degree weather with nearly 70 percent humidity. Lots of laughter and love among old friends. 

Tomorrow begins our four day, home building marathon in what could be the wettest week I’ve experienced in the country. Please ask the Lord to sustain our hands (and backs) as we build in less than ideal conditions. 

Mitchell and Silas bringing that father/son mobility team

David and Ayden serving with heart 

Sharing pure joy with Ben Mooney

Phil bringing smiles

Micah and Carson finding the custom fit

Chiquimulilla - say that ten times fast

      Some of the days incredible distribution team

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