Sunday, April 24, 2022

Day Two

Today was one of the more special days of my life. After another beautiful Guatemalan breakfast, we set out to build Margarita’s home, the house my father provided for her. As it was her daughter Lesly’s birthday on Friday, we sang Happy Birthday and gave her Lindt chocolates on arrival. I also gave her the (Guatemalan flag blue) teddy bear that was given to me on the day of my birth as something stirred within me a week ago to do so. Her face lit up.

In the afternoon when we brought her an ornate cake from the city, her mother wept. She shared with me that after their father died, she wasn’t able to provide a Birthday for her daughter. In turn, I was able to just make it behind the new house to weep. The setting and mountainous backdrop were incredible. It didn’t rain on us, thank you for praying. 

Later in the afternoon there was a big commotion. Mitchell came over to alert us that there were a number of vehicles containing men with guns coming towards us. My heart dropped a little. 

Shortly thereafter it dawned on me that it must be the mayor that donated the land, and I, thank God, was correct. I was able to tell him my fathers story of donating this house before he died in January and pray a blessing over him and the family with Pastor Mitchell. 

Truly an incredible day that none of us will forget. 

The last thing my father ever did is now done. The work is complete. 

Surveying the site

First wall going up

Two walls

Bunk bed done, house nearly there

Building the patio

The neighborhood girls were quite taken with “El Blanco Dragon” (The White Dragon) aka Silas

12 year old Lesly cuts her Birthday cake…

…and enjoys a bite 

“Dear Lord don’t let it rain before we close the roof in Jesus name”

Go time

We made it (literally and figuratively)

No caption needed

On the way out the whole family received new clothes from Pastor David and Micah 

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