Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

You know what Im thankful for (other than getting to spend the first Thanksgiving in years with my parents... out of country) .... well thats you guys !!! I love each and everyone of you JH'ers , even Chris Lopes . It is my prayer that you would recognize all the amazing things that God has blessed you with , your strengths+weaknesses - God made you and you are a SPECIAL creation , that is enough in itself to be thankful for . On top of all that He sent His Son that we may have a more perfect relationship with the One that has created us .

In this holiday season its easy to forget about why we celebrate it - even I get caught up in the commercialism . I had a pretty sweet list of stuff I wanted from Mom and Dad going for about two weeks when it dawned on me that I had everything I needed . I scaled my list back to a swains gift certificate for slippers and maybe a new shirt for Sunday . I have been thinking alot about the Advent Conspiracy movement and the gravity of importance it holds . Check it out sometime between stuffin your face with turkey and seconds on the mashed potatoes (yummy!) .
Be sure to keep the Seahawks in your prayers - Thank you guys for being awesome.

Love / His ,

Pied Piper

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