Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stream of thought.

I was asked a question recently that encouraged me, as I had to verbalize my thoughts. I felt like it might encourage whoever reads this, now I'm posting it here so that we might all celebrate Gods glory together:

Hey, could you do me a favor and tell me who you know God to be and what you like about Him? Thanks

What I have learned and seen to be experientially true. I'm only writing this for myself and at no point will it be my goal to "try and point out stuff" to you:

God is the soverign creater of the universe, he created out of love and sustains the life of his creation. We don't wake up and tell our hearts to keep beating, the air we breath is a gift. I like this because I can't give him anything or bring anything to the table except offer my life up to him in trust, and complete faith. God is creative, beautiful and wise. The scriptures we have allow us to see his involvement and love for those who seek his face over the course of history. The promises he made he has kept, starting with Noah and Abraham- because of this I know I can trust Him in anything. Things may happen that I don't understand, but because I know he is the creator and his plans for me are superior to mine. This allows me to be content in any situation; this in itself isn't true always, sometimes I struggle to get there, but I feel he has met me in those places in certainly unexpected ways. I love that he isn't a god off in the clouds, but in Hebrews 4 we know that he is a God that has labored with and suffered for his creation. He chastens those he loves Hebrews9; This gives me hope and joy in my sufferring. I know that walking in obedience to God produces joy when happinness is unavailable, his promises give me peace in sufferring. He works all things for HIS good, we live for His namesake. That reality frees me from the pursuit of money and glory etc, in living for his purpose and the exapansion of his Kingdom on earth, we find our purpose. Scripturaly, the only thing I'm "called to" is my salvation in Him. My calling is to bring glory to him, and that provides so much freedom. I love that God has blessed me with certain skills and then witheld other ones, as it forces me to rely on his strength. I want to run with the strengths he has given me, and that could take me anywhere. I know He is pleased with me as my heart is after His heart. I love God because he saved me from myself, gifting me with faith to believe in Him. I love Him for the friends he has given me that have revealed other pieces of his nature to me that I lack. I love that he has allowed me to see other cultures and know that he is the God of all creation. I love God because I know its not my job to save anyone, he does all that. I'm called to dig wells, not build fences- drawing people to the water of life that He gives- Its my prayer to model this in the way I speak and interact with people. It's not my duty to protect boundries (fences) with those that stray away as He is working on them in His timing. God is outside of time, I love that he has a depth and scope of eternity that I can't see and I trust him in this. I love that He is my Daddy, that cares for me even when I'm covered in poop. He loves me NOW, not the bible college graduated David that can "really" help the kingdom. He love me then when I was living for myself. I love him because of the assurance and promise that he began a good work in me and will see it through to the day I die. I can't work my way into heaven through merit and good deeds. Only through the Cross of Christ that I'm redeemed. I love that he sent his son jesus to die for me, to show me that His death should be my outcome. I love that in the future He will make all things new. I love that in the beginning (genesis) we share a meager snack with the Devil, and that in the end (and new beginning!,revelation) we FEAST with the King of Kings!! What is man, that HE is mindful of him? Where His spirit is there is freedom, He makes all things beautiful in its time, I know that my redeemer lives and that after my body has faded away I will see Him face to face. He is just and merciful.


All that was holding me back from studying next semester was provided, in incredible ways and unexpected sources. I'm overjoyed to tell you my visa is in the mail, and He is faithful. Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers , and encouragement. During this vacation time, I'm reading classical Christian literature and studying the word. I would love to catch up with YOU (whomever YOU may be)... my email is


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