Thursday, December 30, 2010


YES, I have one. Praise God! Thank you to those who prayed.

It happened like this: Tuesday, sent 9 personalized emails out to 9 farms at 5:30pm.... Wednesday at 9:58 am received a call from a farmer offering me a job.... Thursday at 5:45 am, wide awake getting ready to work at Zebra Vineyard... 7am that same morning, working hard in a breezy 85 degree heat : )

This is hugely fortunate, as a rather unfortunate rain made all the local cherries swell and explode. A bad crop means that vast numbers of workers from various farms in the area are being let go of, while the grapes are thriving! Due to this surplus of workers, I'm extremely blessed to have a job right now as competition is fierce.

I currently have $4,000 in savings which is halfway to the finish line for Fall 2011! I have a little over a month and a half to earn another $4 grand. Keep that number in your prayers.


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