Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guard your Head.

On Wednesday the 23rd I hit my head pretty hard while showering. I had just set the shampoo on the floor, then stood up to quickly, bashing my head against the metal soap rack. Previous to this moment in time I was feeling the stress of the end of the semester pushing down on me, but had a decent plan to get through. When I hit my head, I remained standing, closed my eyes and just focused on breathing. I stayed conscious and thought I was doing alright until the shower basin went red with blood. The cut wasn’t that intense but the effects of the initial impact have continued onto this present day. Thursday I went to class but couldn’t concentrate. Studying in the library was useless so I decided to head home. On Friday, I tried to start fresh again but was met with a huge road block of not being able to focus at all, leading me to huge frustration. I was urged to go into the emergency room (because it’s free) just to get checked out. I was treated for mild concussion and given a tetanus shot for the metal rack that impaled my head.

In all of this you have to find some amount of humor though. I mean, really- I have survived some pretty fantastic things all over the world to only then get nearly taken out by a soap holder. Hopefully in two weeks or so this will be even funnier to me.

From the doctors office I went to a church event, made it through just fine, had a good sleep that night and then tried to study again on Saturday. That was to much to ask. I ended up going home disheartened and exhausted. I just slept. On this day though, when I check my bank account, it happened to be $2,200 NZD larger than when I checked it previously as someone had made a huge contribution to my education. In the midst of the frustration from the head trauma and inability to concentrate, I knew God was there, still blessing me and affirming that Laidlaw is where I need to be. I can excitedly say that with my summer savings and that contribution, I’m halfway towards studying next semester… but now back to the present.

I was nearly overwhelmed with study before, but now I can’t do what I need to do on the timetable I was working under. I was able to sleep for huge chunks of time on Saturday and Sunday but I feel I'm in the same spot. Today is Monday and I feel as if I’m completely hungover with a constant dull headache (sensitive to light, sound, stimuli). It’s very hard to read or focus and what I read is not readily retained. I have talked with student services and my teachers and they are willing to work with me. This has been tough and frustrating as I fear longer term issues? I have decided to give up contact sports as they don’t sit in my long term plans and I’m really praying that God would heal me of this haze. I honestly thought it was going to be minor, done with over the weekend. I’m not tripping over my words or unable to communicate but I know something is a bit off. I would really love your prayers right now.



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