Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Finished... For the Summer.

What a year it has been. From the visa woe’s in the beginning until now, it’s been a beautiful season. Four months ago I shared my heart with the elders at Avondale Baptist that I needed to take some time away from youth ministry as I approach my 5th year of church leadership. This wasn’t easy as ABC has truly been my family whilst at Laidlaw. In my heart though, I knew I needed a season of not leading anything to draw close to God. These last years have been absolutely incredible in my spiritual formation with all its ups and downs. From a near death experience, to nearly walking away from my faith a year ago, God has been with me through all of it. I can honestly say that I love Christ more than I have at any point in my life. In my final semester at Laidlaw I will attempt to shift my average from a B+ to an A- as I seek and pray for God to speak to me about what the future looks like. It’s funny to think that I just passed high school doing as little as possible to where I’m at now. I want to leave the door open to post grad study, possibly at Regent in Vancouver some years down the line.

During youth camp at Ponui Island this year, I felt God speaking to me about possible future ministry. I never saw myself staying in NZ, but wasn’t really excited about heading back to a dying Christianity in the States. Long story short, I only want what God wants and I came to a point where if he was to plant me back home in the States, I would be ok with that. There are currently a few different ministries on different continents that I’m praying about but there might even be something I can’t even fathom right now on the menu. In the back of my mind though, I feel as if the days of travel could be coming to a close? I have this desire to put roots down and I’ve seen that the longer you are somewhere, the more impact on peoples lives you can have. I really desire depth- I wonder aloud what this looks like…

 I worked two jobs this semester and was able to save $2,100 dollars towards school next semester and hopefully the summer work treats me well (please pray for the $1500 scholarship I applied for at Laidlaw to go through!). I’ve been experiencing good health and I’m super excited to be spending time with my mother in just a few short days as she goes on her first overseas trip! Lauren and I look forward to celebrating her 50th birthday in style in Queenstown. This Sunday my church here will be celebrating/saying farewell to me as my mom arrives that morning; as I was writing down what I would say and the people I needed to thank, I had to fight off tears in the library (not a good look). I’m forever grateful for the love poured on me. This last month has been so good and hard all at the same time; the Triune God is with us though through it all. That’s about the extent of my hope to be honest. After journeying with a family that lost a loved one so instantly, I’m again fully aware of how fragile and short life is. Do things that matter, live with passion; put your desires to death and live in Christ.


You must excuse me now while I clean out my desk in the library- my schedule just freed up. Leaving the library at 1:30pm on a Friday? Almost feels like sin.



Above: A cute commercial in NZ. "Maaaate, your dreaminnnn."

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