Monday, November 4, 2013


I’m excited as we approach the end of our series on relationships. Over the last five weeks we have unpacked:

Relationship with God (Sin: Broken relationship with God leads to broken relationship with people)

Relationship with People

The Problem of Evil/Suffering from a Philosophical/Biblical perspective.

Broken Relationships: Homosexuality

Broken Relationships: Pornography

This weekend the series continues as Glenn Brown discusses Jesus perfect relationship with God the Father over three sessions this Saturday and Sunday at our High School Fall Retreat at Maple Grove. If you’re in HS you still have 4 days to signup!


Recap and more with Darren Sweeney November 17th.

Closing the series November 24th- Relationship Restored: Jesus

Links to some Resources I showed in class:


Parents: do you realize that 90% of our boys between 8-18 have seen hardcore internet pornography? Have you talked with your children about this? Statistically, if you’re not- your home computer already has. Parents, never before in the history of the world ,  has relationship destroying porn been so available. Never. No sin is new, but never before has this type of sin been so accessible. Please get educated and please talk to your boys. 

Ladies: Don’t date boys- date men. If a guy wants to pursue you, ask him about the last time he viewed porn. An awkward conversation now might save you an awkward conversation once you’re married to him. If he is serious about you and his relationship with God he will ‘man up’ and submit this sin to Christ.


Homosexuality is the sin of the 10%. We in the 90% (heterosexuals) like to make a big fuss about this when we struggle with lust, pride, gluttony, and withholding justice from the poor etc.- which when you look at the thousands of verses in scripture, deeply offends God and is the major reason why kingdoms/cities get destroyed. All sin is sin and should be named as such (Romans 1:18-32). God meets us wherever we are at, but all sin is second best. God doesn’t desire second best for any of his children.

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