Thursday, July 23, 2020

Here Goes Nothin

On Sunday, January 10th, 2010 I landed in Auckland New Zealand not knowing anyone but the two Kiwi’s I met on a layover in Fiji. I ended up living with that couple, getting connected with Avondale Baptist Church across the street (becoming their youth minister some 6 weeks later) and watched God take bold plans that had fallen through, and expand them beyond what I thought was possible. Driving down to Portland this Tuesday night with my dad felt a lot like 2010.

In the last 5 weeks my wife and I have: publicly announced our resignations, gave/sold most the stuff in our house, signed a year lease on an apartment in Portland, moved our remaining stuff into that 409 square foot apartment via a friends horse trailer, enrolled at Western Seminary (me), ran a last youth surfing event + preached my last sermon (me), sold our house, threw a surprise 30th Birthday party for Lauren featuring Citizens and Saints, sold our car, said farewell to all the people we know and love in this town and... climbed into the unknown. Life feels like that scene from my favorite movie, Secret Life of Walter Mitty where he jumps into a helicopter with a drunk pilot to chase down a dream of his in the middle of a storm. I believe God, far from drunk, wants me to take on my poodles mindset; “I have no idea where I am, or what that smell outside is, but I sure am happy curled up next to you.” I’m not sure what I’m really doing or what’s next, but pretty excited. Would you say a prayer for us about being sensitive to Gods leading, especially in regards to finding a new church during covid-19? Again, I have no idea what I’m doing. 

Today I teared up a bit when reading Hebrews 11:21 about Jacob, an old man filled with stories, barely able to stand, worshipping God with all the strength he had left. Finishing well, means living well. We have no idea where the finish line is so we press on to win the prize. Here’s to starting a brand new life in Portland with a desire to finish strong, whatever that looks like.


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