Thursday, June 24, 2021

Two Weeks and Three Thousand Dollars Away

We're nearly ready to launch...

As of 6/24/21 we're at $9810 (7/8 update $11,926) raised towards our minimum goal of $12,830 and are so thankful for everyone who has given to make this trip possible. If you haven't donated, would you consider doing so today by clicking here? If you'd like to hear more about this trip and see where the funds are going, click here. Again, thank you friends and family for sharing your resources with Guatemalans. 

The six of us from three states and five churches are gearing up and training to go. We're still waiting to receive three renewed passports back for what constitutes half our team. Would you pray that God would enable these passports back before July? Would you also pray that the eternities of many Guatemalans would be changed as a result of the week we get to spend there - we're so excited.  

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