Friday, January 25, 2008

Light to the Darkness

This photo very well could represent the first day of the rest of my life . This is the first solar installation I have done as of yet and it brings me great joy . These girls were doing there homework under the light of a candle which is quite dangerous when young children are present . There have been many instances of families being burned alive in there own homes as ninos scamper underneath beds , candle in hand searching for a ball or lost toy. What I feel put on my heart is to bring solar to Guatemala and possibly Africa as well . Electricity if your off the grid costs about 700 US on up to have a wire ran to your house then a monthly fee that most families alone in similar situations cant afford. Above photo shows Mario doing tests on the battery as we connect the wires and install the panel onto the roof , installing the new light in a central location in the house . There are many families like this one that could benefit greatly from solar energy . After I arrive home I plan on raising around 500 US and doing a test shipment to receive solar panels from Shanghai direct to Guatemala as a test for future shipments (larger) . Currently China and Guatemala are discussing free trade between the countries that will lower the overhead . 10 watt panels in guatemala run around 105 US to 120 .... A price that is staggering to the family that barely makes that a month . Currently I have found I can get the panels for 37 to 42 US , before shipping and possible taxes . My other partner in Shenzhen has the low draw L.e.d s used to light the houses with a cheap and bright light . Pray for all of these things : direction , that shipping is affordable as tariffs are lifted between countries , taxes and distribution for the near future . I don't plan on doing this full time for another 2 years until Im living in Beijing and done with school , but I will be conducting small tests and your prayers would be greatly appreciated as I learn the ropes of exporting .

Above: Simple roof installation , Guatemala is normally very sunny and solar is a cheap ideal way to power a house

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