Monday, January 21, 2008

Out of night comes day and out of Day comes Light . This photo was taken at 6.31 am this morning from myself and Bennies campsite , the sun came up over Volcano Agua and was quite spectacular . His creation is beautiful . Today I experienced real joy after seeing my favorite girl Helen at the orphanages cleft palet fixed by loving doctors from the United States . She is more beautiful than ever and I got to feed her today without her struggling for air. How neat to see that , I was overcome with Joy as I had been praying for her and those prayers were heard. Enclosed in this post are pictures of the wheelchair distribution and the backpacks I got to help bring to the kids on the coast that get to go to school now for the first time.

As my time runs out here very shortly I have more and more reasons to stay . I have a family here that will be difficult to let go of as well as amazing friends and an incredible church . This sunday at church I felt God speak to me very directly and I broke down and cried in the service while singing . Im so grateful for these three months . This Sunday I leave for Honduras to visit my awesome friend and youth pastor Maiko in the capital city . I might stop over in El Salvador to help with construction if I can figure out Gordons impossible to keep up with schedule . Pray for safety on the road . Thanks to my loving mother I have a flight home after I shared with her my awesome plans to hitch hike through Mexico that Im very grateful for . She didn´t find them very awesome . I will be in Sandiego California visiting my uncle on Feb 6th and home shortly thereafter . Thanks for reading -Dave

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