Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Changes!!!! This Friday at DCC has been triple/quadruple booked because of a wedding there saturday and a group camera group meeting in the chapel . NEW PLAN SAME TIME . The time is still Friday at 4 at DCC , nothing has changed... but after that we are hopping in a van and going to INDIANNA JONES at Deer Park at 7:30 . Because it is a new movie we will be there about 2 hours early to ensure tickets .

The Plan:

Gather at DCC at 4pm this Friday . Time has not changed nor the location.
4:30 We leave for Deer Park . Movie starts at 7:20 return and pickup at DCC at 10pm

Needs : A parent to Drive , Waiver forms (can be downloaded off DCC's website) for each student.

Cost: 9 bucks? for movie ticket , gas is going to be covered by DCC!

Time: 4pm start , 4:30 leave , 10 pm back at DCC .

contact me 360 . 477 . 2340 for questions!

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