Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yes... the Update


Welcome to the page , I will do my best to update twice a week with photos and summer updates . After tonight's meeting I want to reiterate that Im here for you and want you to call me first and at anytime (Im a student so I stay up very late and get up very early... except for saturday) . Junior High updates generally wont be complete on this page but it will be a quick read , the Junior High link in the ministry links section is your gateway to all things JH .

My cell is 360. 477 . 2340

My email is davidandrewpiper@yahoo.com I check it frequently for business things etc so you can catch me almost anytime .

....in closing , the sites name was for when I was out and about and my family needed a way to catch my updates quickly , I would have made the name dccjuniorhigh.com or something like that but Ive had the site for awhile and recently converted it to the current state its in .

This will be the best way to get information this summer and it will be the most current and up to date info . You can leave me comments just below this in the "leave comment" tab at anytime.

While we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen . For the things which are seen are temporary , but the things which are not seen are eternal .
Corinthians 4 v.18 -Amen

God Bless


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