Thursday, July 24, 2008

Europe/Africa 2008 trip

Piper leaves soon . Sadness .

Wednesday August 20 @ 12:55 PM I will be flying from Seattle to Morocco , Africa . I will be gone for a month spending time with friends and visiting various countries : Portugal , Spain , Italy , France , Greece .... if you know people in the area let me know .

September 17th @ 1am I will be flying from Tel Aviv Yafo , Isreal home to Seattle .

Piper 360 477 2340

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the art of thinking with sound said...

yes that is total sadness buddy :( what will all of us jr. highers do without piper? so SaaaaD. well, at least be sure to have an awesome time without us ok? sometime you gotta take all of us with you on one of those awesome trips you love to go on. see you tomorrow night.