Sunday, August 31, 2008

Around the world

Not sure how long this will be , just a quick update....

Landed in Morocco , saw the Mosques of Casablanca and the beaches of Tangier before leaving by Ferry to spain . Once in Europe I discovered how amazingly beautiful and amazingly expensive it is compared to anywhere else... the dollar doesnt go very far . Spain was amazing . I participated in the Tomatina , the largest tomato fight in the world . It was epic , the whole city was soaked red and i still have tomato coming out of my pockets a week later . The beaches were nothing short of Spectacular . Madrid was nice , Valencia was incredible and Venice Italy so far has taken the cake . With its tranquil water ways and cobblestone roads there is nothing else in the world comparable to its beauty . I recomend everyone to go there . Now im in Rome viewing the incredible paintings in the Pantheon , today I tour the Sistine chapel as well as the Vatican , tonight the Coloseum where gladiators fought.... the pope is also suppose to make a appearance soon in the vatican . Tonight there is a huge concert put on by Nike for the Human Race 10k run free in Rome and it boasts a variety of musical talent . This is a bare bones update.... I will have pics etc when I get back . Love yall , thanks for your prayers... Im safe and healthy after leaving with the flu . I will update more once I get into Greece and Israel ( :

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