Tuesday, March 9, 2010

College Boy.

I haven't been on my laptop in 3 days which might be a personal record. Studies are going great, I'm learning a ton. Last Sunday I taught the junior high at ABC for the first time and it's humbling that God has allowed me to continue in ministry. One of my homework assignments last week was to read Mark in one sitting. I love it. I'm up to my ears in books and as of late I have been up sunrise-sunset reading, studying and learning. Please pray for perserverance for me and that.

Somedays I'm so captivated by books on theology that I feel like I can keep studying forever. The next day I want to move back to Honduras to get my hands dirty. Gods put me here now and I'm learning balance. My "Intro" to New Testament book is longer than the Bible... quite the intro if you ask me. This week I head to a "Mansion" in Scotts Landing for a all church retreat.


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