Sunday, February 28, 2010

......And that's bout' right.

Today I was relaxing abit this morning when I received an email from Tara Holdaway at Laidlaw telling me that my visa-application had just been processed by the school and I could attend classes TODAY and not TOMORROW! After watching a heartbreaking hockey game I went to school, enrolled then made it to my class 20 minutes late. What an incredible ride this has been! At no point has this been conventional. I was praying as the Immigration Office of NZ had not received the paperwork to allow me to come through a post-office mix up. The government is open only Monday-Friday so I figured my agent would get the info Mid-day (Today, Monday) at best then work on the process so I would miss one day of School. Again I have been blown away as I didn't even end up missing a class at school- period. My visa was processed at Laidlaw and I hurried down the hall to join my Theology class in session. University has begun. What a non-stop action ride this has been. At this point I would expect nothing less- If a dove descended from the heavons with my visa papers in its beak I probably wouldn't have missed a beat this morning. Extrodinary has become normal , my faith has increased and I can't wait to see what the future holds.


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theScarletManuka said...

Great news! Hope you enjoy the classes, now you're there.

Wasn't that some game of hockey! Brings back memories from 8 years ago, when I was studying in Vancouver.