Sunday, February 14, 2010


I'm excited to share with you but as of about a few minutes ago I have accepted the position of Youth Lead at Avondale Baptist Church, thank you all for your prayers!! On Wednesday I will go over the job outline with Pastor Willem and work on developing a ministry model/vision for the youth in the church. Please continue to pray for me!

Quick re-cap of awesomness/miracles

*I was provided a job 3 months before leaving at the Elwha Dam that provided for my first semester school expenses
*A big donation was given one week before I left that allowed me to buy my plane ticket for NZ
*2 days before departure my Mercedes that the Lopes gave me sold. I had been trying to sell it for a month, getting led on by various people interested and almost giving up hope. This gave me the money I needed to at least pay rent for a month and eat.
*1 day before I left nearly 2 grand was donated through various families at DCC to whom I'm completely grateful and thankful!
*1 day after being in Fiji I found out the evangelistic trip on bikes fell through as Sean didn't have the funds to come.
*2 days after my arrival I was offered a place to live in Auckland near the school which helped me greatly. My roomates where so hospitible and helped me with filling out the visa and taking me on important errands to get set up in NZ. They are a godsend.
*1 week into my arrival at Auckland , the local church had essentially asked me to consider working with them- they had been praying for a leader, I showed up- and It just so happened "coincidentally" that I moved next store, being able to see the church from my back yard.
*4 days ago a free car was offered to me .
*A little over a month later, I'm now getting plugged into the ministry here.

-God is so good.

Keep praying for my visa situation, that will be a miracle. All roads/doors have been opened I'm confident in Gods plans. Ain't life sweet? Happy Valentines Day America! (ours was yesterday as I live in "the future")


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