Monday, February 15, 2010

The Call.... (from the Government)


Today Laura Cannon from Immigration New Zealand called my house and spoke to me. This is the first update I have had in the last 11 days. She was impressed with the letter I sent and my honesty about the situation and she said she was honored that I had considered NZ the place to study. She shared with me that they couldn't approve me as of yet with my lack of funds (6000$ NZD for 6 months , I have under half) but if I could find a NZ citizen to sponsor me, not monetarily but just as an insurance policy for the government that my visa would be granted. It's like a co-signer for a loan. PRAY FOR A SPONSOR! I will share this with the Pastor on Wednesday and will ask my roomates what they think. Laura is mailing the forms today and they will be here in 2 days or so. She said on its return they would process it ASAP so that studies this semester will be possible. Praise God, its all in His timing.

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