Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spring Break.

Just a brief update on life. Last Sunday I preached at Carbon Cluster, a group of South African university aged students on "Radical Jesus" (Mark 2:13-17) and it was well received. God did some sweet stuff on my heart during that time for which I'm grateful. Thank you to all who prayed for me, I preach again at Laidlaw (for a grade) on Wednesday the 13th, then on November 7th at Avondale Baptist. These are sweet times for me as I love the study/crafting/delivering of Gods word. I want to thank Phil Koistra at IBC in Port Angeles for first teaching my about the process of crafting a sermon and introducing me to Baptist preacher Matt Chandler who outside of my parents/mentors has had the biggest influence on my walk with Christ.

I'm currently half way through a 2 week break. I was able to take 2 days off to due a couple decent cycling trips, bush runs (running through the hilly jungle) and train at my boxing gym. They say, "the man that works with his head wrests with his hands," and that is an understatement. I love the times of refreshment out in creation. Thursday and Friday though, I was back home in the library, where I will spend the majority of my next week. I have two notable projects due in the next month that are worth 45% each in their respective classes, as well as other minor ones. It's all out, full on, from now until the end of year one at School. I have been here in NZ now for 9 months and it only feels like a few days.

I start guitar lessons tomorrow, go snowboarding Tuesday (for the first time in nearly 1.5 years!), and then on Friday head to the 2 day Promise Keeper conference in Auckland. Within this week I might be spearfishing/snorkeling off of Goat Island (what a name!) mixed in with 35+ hours in the library.

Prayer requests:

-Student leadership possibility at Laidlaw.
-For my church, Avondale Baptist
-Next two preaching dates.


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