Monday, October 25, 2010


Today, I received word that I was elected by a group of my peers to student leadership in the 2011 Laidlaw school year. I'm tremendously humbled by this opportunity to serve the student body and my heart is for growing this community of believers. The first thing I did was get on my knees and ask the Lord to consume my heart and ask for his guidance. Thank you to all that have been praying for me faithfully.

The role will entail working with and supporting the men and womens student presidents as we work with faculty and staff to bring more of Christ's likeness into our community of faith. The schools principle (Dr. Rod Thompson, a phenomenal man with a incredible vision) will be directly over-seeing the student leaders and mentoring this group. My understanding as of right now is that I will be partnered with a professor that will be the person I'm accountable to. This next year will be a tremendous time of being stretched and grown and I'm incredibly excited to journey with my peers through the joys and struggles that life brings. My specific role within the 10 leader body will be tailored to suit my skill set and passions and will most likely entail pastoral care+ community activities.

Thank you for all the support and for journeying with me over the course of my life. I believe being a leader is in being a servant. When Jesus talked about the "least of these," he was talking about the disciples so I must lower my self importance (which is different than lowering your self-worth) and serve my heart out. My focus is on Christ alone (where else should I go?) and I feel the weeks+ leading up to this day have prepared me to be a more focused and intentional servant. To God be all the glory-



-Please pray for my sermon prep and delivery on the 7th of November at Avondale Baptist Church as well as the road leading to service in Fiji next year with ABC's junior highers. Also for finances.

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