Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pictures speak a thousand words.

Today my beard was shaved in a church raffle to raise funds for the Junior High students service trip to Fiji. This was the "before" photo. $325 (edit 11/15/2010) was raised and I want to thank everyone that participated in this cause... and no, despite popular belief, is the answer to the pervading question as to whether I own a volley ball named "Wilson."

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my sermon prep/delivery. It went well and I received encouraging feedback on how it impacted individual people. What a joy it is to open up and teach Gods word.

This week has been a struggle to get school work done, and now I'm  3 days out from my first of two exams. I opted to take a security job protecting a fireworks stand for Guy Fawkes Day (look it up on wikipedia, it's to bizarre/borderline sadistic to explain). The location of the stand was on the church property, being contracted out by a private fireworks company. This company hired me to guard it at $100 a night, to simply sleep outside of it. Long story short, I had an eventful night come Tuesday at 4am when 3 or so men tried to break into it... God kept me safe, but I didn't get much sleep that night or the rest of the week. I start school tomorrow $400 richer, but behind in my work. Goodnight everyone, it's 11:35pm and I'm heading to bed, where I belong.

In Christ,

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