Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks, from 70 degree New Zealand.

I'm thankful for all the people who have invested in my life. I don't have to search very hard to find those that have made huge impacts on my life, to whom I'm grateful. At this current point in my life, I own almost nothing, so my "thanks" doesn't come from material things (which aren't necessarily bad) but from relationships.

I want to highlight my mother and father+awesome sister, as well as my DCC family, Upperroom Family and most recently my host family, the Quirkes+ABC. I cherish these relationships. I think God created me to love his people, so while I'm limited in means of physical possessions, I consider myself abundantly wealthy to know the people I do and experience all the joy filled and painful moments thus far in life.

Thank you for reading this and prayerfully journeying with me. Thanksgiving is not celebrated here in NZ (as it's a very American festivity) so I spent the time at a U2 concert, which if you ask me, isn't a bad way to participate in thankful remembrance as certain songs triggered various memories for me. This Sunday afternoon I will celebrate Thanksgiving with a few American professors from Laidlaw to make up for the lack of it during the week.... now if I could only get that pineapple upsidedown cake recipe from dad, this would be nearly as fantastic an experience as if I were at home, playing in the snow.


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