Monday, January 3, 2011


Home on the Range: Happy New Year from Cromwell.

This last week has been great. I started work on the farm alongside 3 guys from Argentina and Chile and it has been a neat experience getting to know them and talk with a few of them about Christ. I'm currently a vine technician (actually that's not true, I just gave myself a cool sounding title) working in cozy temperatures of around 82-88 degrees which is so much nicer than working in Australia's 95+ degree heat daily.

New Years was uneventful, sharing the time with new friends. I subsequently fell asleep on a deserted couch at 11:30 after being exhausted from work. You know your getting old when you can't make it to 12am. Over the weekend I had a chance to go to Lachlan and Annas great Presbyterian Church as well as swim in the lake. I love the small town feel and pace, much different from the big city where you can feel like a number. In Cromwell, everyone knows everyone and the church is like family.

I went out rabbit shooting (a service to farmers) with my roomate Ben Winstanly that has been graciously hosting me, and it was fantastic. At one point I climbed up a rock face amongst the sweeping hills and seemingly limitless acres of farmland to get a better view, and was thoroughly impressed with the desert-esque beauty, similar to Bishop California. I scoped a rabbit, and prematurely fired the 12 gauge without considering my location. The concussive blast of the shotgun knocked me off my perch as I descended backwards 11-14ft off the rock and towards the ground. God was watching out for me as my fall was  somehow padded by razor sharp bush that somehow barely even cut me. Nick and Ben began to sprint up the hill as they witnessed what had happened and to their surprise, they found me uninjured and in one piece. I found the rabbit that had nearly killed me, and we took it home to prepare if for a BBQ.... ahh, the farm life.



Phillip said...

Elmer Fudd haveing some Wabbit Twouble now?

Danny said...

LOL bro! That's AWESOME. Well could've been a disaster but thank God it was not. Good laugh though as I pictured that entire event. Hopefully you make decent money working hard and get lots of opps to tell people abnout Jesus. Not sure if you know but Karilyn and I are on our way to Montana as we make a transistion to a new life. God has done amazing wonders here in San Diego and now it's time to move along. I've never experienced a true small town feel other than Port Angeles. Moving to the town of Whitefish, MT is exciting but definitely going to be different. Miss you lots man and always praying for you.