Friday, February 11, 2011

On the road again.

The above photo was taken a month ago in Cromwell, New Zealand. It's not uncommon in Cromwell to receive a near freeze from an Antarctic cold front early in the morning, quickly progressing into the 80's towards afternoon. Take that for goofy weather Sequim! There are nearly 200 NZ photos between 2010-2011 on the link to the right.

This photo was taken over 4 years ago in Swan Hill, Australia in what feels like another life.

This is the 100th post on since it was opened in Guatemala, much ground has been covered since that time. I'm a little over a week from turning 25 (which is in solid adult territory if you ask me, but according to my host mom, I'm not a “real” adult until I have kids... oh well, can't win them all) and the total amount of $7917.84 has been paid off as God has provided many a 6 day work week at the vineyard to pay for 1st semester of the 2011 school year which starts in late February. Praise God! 57 weeks ago I left the States, living on a prayer in the fullest sense possible, exceeding the limit that would make Bon Jovi jealous. What a amazing, life transforming journey of growth it has been, if I pass this next semester at school, I will be halfway through my bachelors degree in Theology.

This is the last post I will be publishing before arriving to Auckland, so if your name is Deanna Piper, please don't fret about where I'm at this week as I could be just about anywhere over the next 5 days. Please pray for a safe trip over the 1000+ miles (the entire length of NZ : from Cromwell to Bluff to Duntroon then Auckland) I will be hitchhiking to get back home and that the people who pick me up would encounter Christ.

Upon arrival in Auckland, I plan on doing something epic to end the summer, like taking a nap.



Avondale Baptist Church's Kinetic youth website is now fully launched and bug free. Check-it bro,

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Lgroove said...

Pipe love the new picture its so beautiful...I remember when you left for Australia. Its crazy how time flies and how much of our friendship weve spent in different worlds; but God is faithful and Hes kept us friends. Nice to see your beautiful pics and see youre doing well <3 u with thoughts and prayers