Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well, that's sorted.

Never a dull moment here in Cromwell,
money has been flowing in thanks to the abnormally long days of work.
As I type, I'm currently $231 off from paying for next semester at
school. Now that's all well and good but as I stated before, work was
ending this Friday at Zebra Vineyard and then it would be back up to
Auckland for me- in search of that proverbial spare change laying
around my room.

My boss answered your prayer requests
of more work today as he alerted me (in a matter of fact way) that I
was starting work this Monday at a vineyard of his friend. In a
single moment, the grandiose plans I had recently constructed
shattered against the backdrop of a much greater good. I will not be
hitchhiking back up to Auckland come Monday, but will have another
week of work woohoo! Between tomorrow and Fridays work I might come
close to paying off the full amount for school next semester then
next week (hopefully) will see me through the $400+ of student visa
fees to the government. The new* plan at the moment will be to leave
Cromwell for Duntroon (near Oamaru) on the 15th to visit some American friends of
Independent Bible Church's secretary Mary Anich, then hitch hike all
the way south past Invercargill to Bluff the most southern town in NZ
then hitch hike all the way north to Auckland. Lord willing, I will
arrive in Auckland before my 25th birthday on the 22nd
(alive?) in which I will then proceed to move my backpack full of
possessions to a dorm room on Laidlaws campus. Praise God. Keep
praying, we're not there yet, but we sure are close.


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