Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vote for my Excel Kids, Tom and Sam of The Silver Fox Project!

The above photo: I'm the resident leader at Laidlaw Bible College and these are all the Excel music students (aged 17-19) that I lead/pastorally care for. The students come from diverse backgrounds and are a fantastic bunch! Both Sam and Tom are in this photo.
Click on the above link to vote for these tremendously talented Excel Students here at Laidlaw. The Silver Fox Project is awesome. Tom and Sam lived with me at Laidlaw until they graduated from the Excel program and are now on a massive 5 month NZ tour. They are featured on the biggest Christian radio station in NZ. Be sure to vote for the Foxes!

SUNDAY 5/29 EDIT. THE BOYS WON! They have now received $13,000 of equipment!! This is huge! Thanks to those who voted!!

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