Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom, in more ways than one.

Happy 4th everyone.

The semester ended for me on Tuesday night after being given a two day extension on a project. Since then I have learned that I passed my Hebrew exam which was an amazing shock. Thanks to everyone who prayed for that.

I was able to sneak away from all of my normal duties Thursday evening and retreat to Laidlaws beach guest house at Piha. It just so happened that I picked the most amazing 3 days to go in winter and I leave that experience refreshed and somewhat tan. I swam in the surf, read my Bible and watched movies. I haven't been alone for months, so this weekend was a beautiful experience, I can't describe how much it was needed. Thank you Lord.

Tonight I'm going out with a few friends to attend a free lecture by Iain Provan from Regent College in Vancouver (on the OT), followed up by a July 4th celebration with a fellow American in downtown Auckland at a authentic NYC Pizzeria... life is good.

Above: Friday evening
Above: View from my study. 

Above: View from my front yard.
Above: View of the beach from my bed. 

Above: View from my face looking at the nice gash on my foot from the reef.

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