Thursday, July 14, 2011

Status Update.

Greetings from Auckland. Just enjoying my break, pursuing much needed exercise (cycling+boxing) as well as reading through Henri Nouwens 'Wounded Healer' and Paul Copans: 'Is God a Moral Monster? Making Sense of the OT God.' It has proved to be a most refreshing time, I almost feel ready to start writing essays again : ) Copans book was extremely helpful to help close some of the gaps on my understanding of OT tribal ethics/law in there wider cultural context, the Ancient Near East. Nouwens 'Wounded Healer' spoke to my heart in a beautiful way, a book which I recommend for any church leader/lay person.

For those that have been praying for my finances or have supported financially, I'm deeply grateful. Currently I'm more than halfway towards my current expenses for semester two, having raised nearly $4,000 NZD with the total required amount being 7,750 NZD. I see that as a complete miracle how much support has come in, I feel amazingly blessed. When my parents told me of how much support had come in, I fell on my face in praise, and spontaneously started crying. Luckily I was in my room and no one saw me... what, me cry?

  I now have 10 days left to secure the $3,750 NZD ($3,157 USD) before class starts. I'm still not sure how it's going to work out in such a short time, but I'm completely confident in what God is doing, and I know I will be attending school semester two. The next "hurdle" will be getting a visa or visa extension in a record 7 days as my current one expires on August 1st. As always, I can't apply for student visa until school is paid for, and I can't attend school without a visa. As I shared earlier, knowing how far God has taken me in this process, I have full confidence that the visa will fall from the sky so to speak and it will be exhilarating to see just how that happens.

Again the number and dates to pray for is: 1) 3,750 NZD by July 25th to attend school. 2) Visa by August 1. 

If you are interested in supporting financially for my second semester at Laidlaw please contact my parents Mike and Deanna at 360.681.5154. After this semester I will be 2/3 of the way through my Bachelors in Theology, with a double major in Pastoral Care and Bible.

Grace and Peace to you.


 Above: Piper Armstrong? Not really, just wearing the US Team Jersey. Enjoying a sunny winter day cruise with friend (and Iron Man) Jeff Lange.

Above: Jesus Culture playing at the sold out Life Church, Auckland Venue. A friend of mine just happened to have a extra ticket after his brother couldn't make it.

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