Thursday, August 4, 2011

Health Update #2

Thank you all for your prayers and love. I'm back on Facebook for the time being to keep everyone updated. This was my "status update" as of 10 minutes ago:

"What's on your mind?" Alot is on my mind. Been in/out of doctors office frequently. My blood is doing much better after slowly recovering from parvovirus. Ultrasound has revealed gall stones and a enlarged spleen. Adios Senor Gall Bladder? Doc is not to keen to remove my spleen just yet, more tests need to be done. Thank you for your prayers- not to sure what to do from here. Great seeing Americans again, miss my Kiwis ABC+Laidlaw. Still haven't seen Lauren Piper : (

I arrived safe and sound from NZ Saturday evening late after a few hang ups in Fiji and LA. My bag arrived Sunday evening, to which I (and my teeth) was very grateful for. It was amazing to be back at DCC after such a long stretch; and to be living in Sequim again so suddenly, driving a 88 Lincoln Towncar (almost the exact same car I had in High School) is like living in a strange dream.

On Monday I visited my Doctor, on Tuesday and Wednesday I had blood/ultrasound testing. The ultrasound was a new experience for me, I now know what is like to be a pregnant woman: it's fun to see what's on the screen, but awkward and uncomfortable. From those tests we have deduced that my blood is recovering from parvovirus, but that I have stones and now the great debate is to whether my spleen needs to go. Spleens are really neat. They filter your blood and boost your immune system. I'm a big fan of spleens. Leaving new Zealand I came with a strong sense imparted from my mom (given vast family history) that my spleen and gall bladder would get the axe. The gall bladder most likely will and I have come to terms with that and have said my goodbyes. Where my struggle is now stems from the conversation I had with my Doctor on Tuesday stating that he was reluctant to take my spleen out, even to the point of suggesting I keep it. This was, granted, before my recent test results came back in, but it really got me thinking. My mom, uncle(s), cousin(s) etc all had the condition and had there spleen and gall bladders out and it looks like on the surface that I will join the ranks in having a slightly compromised immune system. My uncle(s?) (who is or was a heavy drinker) had a spleen attack when he was 30, requiring a surgery to get the thing removed. My quandary is that my insurance under my mom runs out when I'm 26 and I could be in New Zealand again when a attack occurs? It's hard to think clearly in times like these. I mean, I really like my spleen- but if it's best that it should go, it should probably go..... then again, I will have a weakened immune system and I'm not a drinker like my uncles so.......??? More information is needed, please pray for my and my doctors/family clarity of mind, wisdom, discernment and trust. I'm trusting God, fully aware of his love and would really love for him to guide the future decisions.

On the whole, I feel better, more mobile and almost over my jet lag. Thank you for your prayers and please pray for the issues I'm having with the NZ insurance company. I need to produce a few documents to prove I (and my family) was being truthful. Some of these documents are from 20 years ago in a Californian hospital, others are more recent but could be equally tricky. I'm somewhat doubtful they will surface to vindicate my claims that I didn't know I had this disease until 6 months ago, and even then it was never medically proven by a doctor, just something my mom told me I most likely had. I didn't claim on my NZ coverage that I had a pre-existing hereditary condition because I was told from a young boy up until I was 23 leaving to NZ that I didn't have the rare disease that was hard to test for. It's frustrating to be called a lier by an insurance company and then potentially unable to prove innocence.

Again, thank you all for your prayers. It's what kept me safe on the way home, I know it. I learned recently that the combination I had of parvovirus+hereditary sphersytosis was deadly. When I collapsed in the hospital in Auckland, that wasn't a good thing. I praise God for his provision and access to medical care. Being strong enough to fly to the states 5 days later was a gift from above.


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