Monday, August 29, 2011

Time for Surgery

My status as of 3 minutes ago on Facebook reads:

My surgery consultation went well. Laparoscopic Surgery for my gall bladder with Dr. Heisterkamp is now scheduled for tomorrow at 7am in Port Angeles....lets do this thing : )

 I will wake up at 6am to wash my torso with antimicrobial skin cleanser before my dad and I drive to Port Angeles for the hour and a half surgery. If all goes well I will be out the same day with minimal pain in my abdomen. Thank you all for your prayers and support. This is the moment we have been waiting for and I can't wait to have this thing out. I have enjoyed myself tremendously catching up with friends while Stateside, getting to attend no less than 3 weddings throughout my duration here. This time has been beautiful, but there is much to be done still in New Zealand. If God wills it, I will be heading back to NZ October 3rd, first stopping in Fiji for 3 weeks to participate in a service trip with my Kiwi Church family at Avondale Baptist. On Oct. 22 I will fly home to Auckland with the group and then shortly thereafter make my way to the south island where I will once again work at Zebra Vineyard ( in Cromwell, a small town close to my heart. These are all big plans that I hold loosely. I would love your prayers for all of this.

The plan is to work the Kiwi summer until mid February, saving money for school which will start on the 28th  of that month (Fall Semester). I have three semesters left after taking one off for medical reasons towards my bachelors degree in Theology.


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