Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sunshine and Rain

Greetings Fam. Quick update. Over the last few weeks we’ve felt God’s smile in many different ways. He causes growth from both the sunshine and rain. We’re feeling a bit more settled in the city but don’t want to keep paying $1600 a month for a 400sq foot apartment so we’ve recently met with a realtor who attends our church. For our price range we’re looking at manufactured homes in the ‘burbs’. We’re just two minutes or so away from school but are looking to move twenty minutes out to save approx 50% off of rent. We will see what happens.

After more than two months of not driving since the Prius was totaled, we were loaned a car out of nowhere from another couple in our Bible study and that’s been unreal. It’s so good to have mobility again and has allowed us to explore different living options. SO incredibly thankful for a car as we look for a car (and house). School is currently going well with an additional class this semester over last as I feel like I’m hitting a good study stride. I'm now the 'older guy' around campus but it's a great place to be. In the midst of all this Lauren and I began pre-marital counseling for a childhood friend of mine I’ve know for nearly 24 years. We use to party together half my lifetime ago so this a redemptive step in the right direction. As I shared before, Lauren and I are getting more settled and know we’re here for a reason beyond school. Both of us are looking forward to getting more involved with our church here and we're eager to see what happens.

Our sweet loaner Forester 

Sunset on Mt. Tabor

Sunset on Mt. Tabor part 2

Apartment sunrise w/ sweet new mug. The epic sunrises make rent a little less painful

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