Saturday, May 22, 2021

April to May

 A tremendous amount of life has taken place in the last 30 days. Too much to write about so this one will be a photo blog...

April 24th Performed a wedding for a childhood friend of 24 years in Boise while Lauren sang.

Breakfast (then church the next day) with the Hulen's who recently moved from Sequim in Boise

Anne Frank Memorial, Boise

Boise Rose Garden (w/o roses haha)

Flew to Tampa April 25th for a funeral and to visit family.

Sun City Center sunset from what my niece calls "dumb-beach" as it doesn't have any seashells :)

Florida is amazing. We played like children at Adventure Island Water Park.

The April 30th funeral was in Cocoa Beach, a special place for the family. Here's Ron Jon's Surf Shop

Cocoa Beach sunrise with my amazing wife May 2nd

Went to a gator reserve later that night... you couldn't have paid me a $1000 to walk into that field

"Oh hai thurr friendly bald man!"

"Jump on in the waters fine... I'm not actually 12 feet long"

This stranger really cracked me up landing at Seatac May 3rd. I declined, but not before sending a screenshot to Lauren :)

First day back home. Oregon waterfall near the house May 4th with Thomas Winfield. Had a series of crazy interactions that just fell into place. Prayed for and began planning a trip to Guatemala

Don't look down

May 6th getting ready for Cohort at McMenamins Edgefield with a few classmates from out of state

My first 'in-person' Cohort class at Western ever on May 7th. A year in the making. Truly a joyous day

Peninsula Bible Fellowship 'Boats and Bonfires' May 14th event at Island Lake Camp w/ Donn's 

Lucy's 1st Bday Party on May 15th

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