Monday, January 14, 2008


As I continue grow and experience new things , I want to keep everyone informed , this is mostly just a test run and the site will most likely mature rapidly over the next few days as I figure this thing out.... here it goes my experiment inserting pictures.....

This very first one on the left is one of me playing with kids at the HIV clinic , they are positive through birth from there parents and in most cases there parents are dead or just unable to care for them . I have been somewhat of an apprentice to Dick , learning how to fix complicated chairs and fit the kids into the chair that fits best for them . Its a real challenge for CP kids and can take hours .

We worked on 2 chairs that day . This is one of them . This orphanage is much different than other I have been to . There is alot of love from the staff , they are truly one big family... the kids arnt starved for attention they love it , but they dont cry when you leave which is a great thing.

This post is abit sloppy Im learning about how it works . I want to take a second to thank Phil Kemp an amazing brother of mine that is tech-savvy and helped me get this site up and running . Thank you Phil.


Anonymous said...

Accuracy is a must when publishing something, whether on the net or anywhere else. Firstly, incorrect information about the children in Hermano Pedro's Nutritional Proyect. This is not, never has been, an orphanage. Most of the babies have parents. They are placed here untill they gain the required weight so they can be operated. David, the baby in the yellow blanket, was moderatetly undernurished and will be going home to his nice parents, in your web, you implied that he was one of the HIV possitive children. This kind of missinformation can do a lot of harm so try to be more careful in the future. Besides, you very well know that taking pictures in these places is forbidden and God would not be very happy with you.

Piper said...

Forgive me, it's June 22, 2011 and this is the first time I have ever seen your comment.

I do apologize for whatever harm I caused and these are not my photos, I didn't have a camera in Guatemala at all. I read the blog again and didn't the connection to HIV with David but would be happy to edit whatever content needs to be edited. My email is on my blog. I didn't mean to cause harm or offense.