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The Bible for Dummies (like me!)

Biblical summary in under 1200 words- (to be revised over time.) The "random" numbers match up with the verses at the bottom.

The Biblical narrative is a redemptive account centered on a loving God in the relentless pursuit of His creation. This is merely an overview:

In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.1 Through Him all was made,2 the heavens and the earth spanning 7 days.3 On the 6th day, God created them male and female in His very likeness.4 As a master observing a finished masterpiece would note, this creation was good, very good.5

What God intended to be perfect was severed through mans disobedience, eating of the fruit, seeking to be like God.6 Relationship was fractured and creation was subjected to futility.7 With the knowledge of good and evil came Holy judgment.8 Shortly after this knowledge, murder was a realization from the seed of Adam.9 Mans heart became so evil that God grievously wiped out creation, but in this He remembered his servant Noah and a remnant was spared upon the ark10.

After the flood, unified in speech, man attempted to build their own kingdom, disobeying God.11 God came down12 at Babel and confused the language of men, forcing them to spread out and subdue the land. In this time God chose another man, Abram in which the world would be blessed through His covenant with Israel starting in Egypt during famine then spreading.13

As Israel grew and flourished, a worried Pharaoh enslaved Israel as they settled near Egypt14. Still, God remembered Israel and heard their cries15. God raised up a deliverer, Moses to lead Israel out of captivity and into the land of promise.16 The law was given to Moses but he failed to uphold Gods commands and the mantle of leadership shifted to Joshua. Forced to wander until the unbelieving generation was vanquished, Moses died on Mt. Nebo and Joshua lead the people into the land of promise. He was faithful, but didn't eliminate all Canaanites as God commanded so subsequently intermarriage and idolatry followed17.

Even in all of this, God remembered His people. Israel prostituted itself to Baals and reaped suffering. As Israel cried out for mercy against oppression, God raised up deliverers18 to bring them into fellowship once again. As Israel was blessed, they turned from God ,but adversity and suffering always brought them back. Cycles of sin and repentance became a hallmark as Judges rose to briefly redeem Israel.

Under Samuels rule in his old age, Israel asked for a human king to lead them.19 The Lord was displeased as Israel rejected His theocratic rule, but granted their request after a warning. Saul, the anointed king united the kingdom but disobeyed God through foolish sacrifice and consulting mediums20 21 22. David was then anointed as Gods chosen to lead, a man after Gods own heart.23 Out of devotion he desired to build the Lord a permanent Tabernacle, a glorious temple; but from sin and the blood on his hands he was unable.2425 Amidst struggle,26 The lord granted Davids son Solomon kingship and wisdom27 to take up the glorious project.28 The Ark of the Covenant that had wandered with the people was placed in the inner sanctuary and the glory of the Lord filled the temple.29 In Solomons earthly splendor30 he was led astray by his foreign wives and he prostituted himself to their gods.31 Following his death in 930BC the kingdom was in divided under Rehoboams rule. For 200 years the kings of Israel prostituted themselves to Baals. Even in this, God remembered His people, He sent prophets to warn Israel of impending judgment, but their words fell upon deaf ears. Hoshea was the last Northern King of Israel to neither heed the prophets words32 or rely on the God of his forefathers.

“Turn from your evil ways. Observe my commands and decrees in accordance with the entire Law that I commanded your fathers to obey and that I delivered to you through my servants the prophets33...”

….But they would not listen about the coming judgement34. Israels exile from Samaria and Damascus to Assyria was complete in 700BC. The most wicked king in history35 helped seal Judahs fate later in 587 , Jerusalem fell, Gods glory left the destroyed temple36 and Israel sank to the most desperate of lows.37 Judah was exiled38 to Babylon but still a remnant remained. The Lord blessed39 the faithful even in captivity until Israel, under Ezra and Nehemiah40 were allowed to return and rebuild the temple.... But it wasn't the same41

Israels existence was bleak, the story set to fail from the beginning seemingly does. Even now , God remembers. His Son was coming to comfort those who mourn42, a second Adam; one that would sit on the throne of David43 , to judge and restore.44 45 This King and kingdom would have no end.46 47

400 Years of Silence.

A lone voice cried out in the desert:

“Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near.48”

God sent his perfect Son to complete what no earthly king could, bridge the gap between man and God caused by the original sin. A perfect sacrifice to be paid once and for all, to redeem creation. Jesus, the Messiah came in the form of an infant child49, was baptized50, tested, consecrated then began to teach and preach.51 The prophets had spoken of the anointed one52 coming, as Christ read these words from Isiah in the synagogue he proclaimed:

“This scripture is fulfilled in your hearing”53

He healed the sick and forgave their sins, even raising a man dead and buried for three days.54 His message was clear, but misunderstood as Israel was looking for a warrior king to free the oppressed nation. Jesus claimed that He would destroy their temple and rebuild it in three days to the utter disillusion of the religious leaders. So Gods Son was hung defiled55 on a cross, the only worthy sacrifice56. Again all seemed lost. Those following Him scattered.

Three days passed. Three agonizing days.

On the 3rd day , Christ rose triumphantly from the dead. God remembered His eternal covenant that would see a king on the throne of David forever, a blessing to all nations. Prophecy and just law57 was fulfilled and death overcome. 50 days after His ascension, his followers were filled with Gods Holy Spirit58. Persecution forced spirit filled men, previously cowards, to spread the gospel message without care for life or limb. The veil59 that separated Gods spirit in the temple was shattered and the spirit was now working in those whom believed. Gods kingdom has come and promise fulfilled60, those who faith is in Christ are heirs to Gods eternal kingdom61; but this has yet to be fully consummated through Christs return. On that day every eye will see62 and every knee will bow63.


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