Thursday, November 12, 2015

Brain Stuff: Lauren Piper's Status Updates

October 30th at 9:15pm
Prayers please

October 31st at 7:51am
Calling for prayers- David hasn't been feeling very well for some time now and he went in for a CT scan yesterday morning. They found what seems to be a benign cyst in his third brain ventricle which is blocking cerebral spinal fluid flow and causing excessive pressure in his head. They sent us to the Emergency Department in PA, who then sent us to Seattle for emergent neuro-surgery. So we are currently at Harborview hospital waiting to hear when surgery will be. He is handling this with total peace and confidence in whatever happens and feels as if God has been preparing him for this. I am just now getting past my shock- it was a pretty big bomb for me, but the Lord has been holding my heart. Please be praying. To God be the glory.
Here is a note from David:
God is sovereign. God is love. King Jesus is seated on his throne. Feeling complete peace and thankfulness in these moments. May He be glorified through every aspect of my life. Thank you Father for allowing me to experience this.

October 31st at 1:55pm
Update #1: David is a happy boy, he got to watch his All Blacks win the World Cup and has just been cleared to eat (no surgery today, probably tomorrow-the docs will be reviewing his MRI and other scans to come up with the best plan of action) Thank you all for your continued love and prayer- it is deeply felt.

November 1st at 12:30pm
2nd and latest update on my amazing husband David Andrew Piper:
Surgery will take place tomorrow, November 2nd. We just got word from his official neurosurgery team and they will be inserting a ventricular peritoneal shunt. It was determined that removal, or even a biopsy of the cyst itself would be too risky at this time, so they will be monitoring it regularly. The shunt will act as a permanent detour of sorts for his Cerebral Spinal Fluid to drain and relieve cranial pressure. We don't know what time the procedure is tomorrow, but I'm figuring it will be sometime in the late morning. Thank you thank you thank you for all the continual kindness, support, warm thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted as best I can. No matter what circumstances we may face, God is good. Thanking Him for the many opportunities He's given for healing- be sure to be praying for the surgical team. Love and hugs from Seattle!

November 2nd at 1:40pm
David just went in for surgery. Thank you Lord for all the good You've already done through this and for all the good You have yet to do.

November 2nd at 4:44pm
Surgery was a success! It was too dangerous to remove the mass or take a biopsy, so we will be monitoring it closely. David is in recovery. THANK YOU for keeping us in your hearts and for your faithful prayers

November 2nd at 9:49pm
He's doing so well J
 The shunt procedure was a success, more images of his brain were taken, and now we stay here for the next couple of days for monitoring... and to see if we can figure out what's going on with the mass- the neurosurgeon says that it's more characteristic of a tumor than a cyst, but unfortunately was too dangerous to biopsy or remove. We will be keeping a close eye on it. The shunt (a permanent tube going from his brain to his abdominal cavity) will be the solution for the pressure build up in his ventricles.

November 4th at 5:16pm
UPDATE on David Andrew Piper: I wasn't up to posting this yesterday but he stopped doing so well... They were going to send him home around noon yesterday because he WAS doing well... but he was up and walking with his walker (something he had done just fine an hour prior) and he lost consciousness in the ICU hallway... He's had a few dizzy spells since then from simple movement activities and gets pretty out of it even when lying still. They've been doing all sorts of tests and scans to try and figure out why his body is responding this way. His symptoms don't fit with what they think is going on. He seems to be doing a bit better today, but still no real explanation.

November 5th at 7:03pm
UPDATE on David: He is actually being sent home tonight (Nov 5th)- the docs have literally done everything they could to try and figure out what happened, I think we have pictures of/exams done on every part of his body now, but they're basically just chalking up his syncope episodes to his body not being able to handle the inter-cranial pressure change even though his symptoms didn't quite match that explanation. He's done much better today, and is actually being discharged because he was able to get up and moving without getting too woozy 
J  He has his follow up appointments mostly scheduled and we'll just be taking it day by day. I've been trusting God with it all and am very humbled and thankful. What a roller coaster. We SO appreciate all of your love and prayers. Please keep that up

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