Saturday, March 20, 2021

Joy, Redemption and Beauty

 I'm gonna try to keep this entry short and sweet with lots of pictures. If you haven't had a chance to read the March 17th post, you should do that - it won't disappoint Click Here. A brief overview of the last two weeks: got to go snowboarding for the first time since covid started with a Door of Hope friend, traveled across the country to visit friends in Hayesville NC before a wedding in Virginia. Drove 1500 miles in a week which is something I haven't done since 2015(ish). From there we discovered our windshield was smashed (not sure if it was random or we were targeted. It seems targeted as no one else in the complex experienced it) and a package was stolen off of our front porch which just so happened to be a BIBLE! We will see what God does there. Pray for the thief and car assailant. Without further ado... 

Running slides for Pastor Tim Smith's last Sunday at Door of Hope. He was the Mars Hill Portland Pastor which became Redeemer, which then merged with Door of Hope

Bible Study buddy and snowboard partner, Tucker at Mt. Hood Meadows. First time shredding since covid started. 

We experienced an epic sunrise at about 3am (our time) heading from Portland to Charlotte 

Great time in Hayesville, North Carolina with great friends we love

You might be a redneck... if you use a leaf blower to get your fire pit rockin

Salem Chapel, Rice Virginia 

Anna Davidson's wedding: I didn't cry too much

Andy had us all laughing. Having known Anna for over half her life, this moment didn't seem real. 

Mr. and Mrs. Julius. We got to have lunch with the couple, Kyle's a good dude. 

Explored Liberty University... place is huge

Our car was singled out for a random(?), possibly targeted(?), attack. It's actually worse than it looks, the camera couldn't catch all the ripples etc. Check out the March 17th blog

After writing letters to all of our neighbors we posted this up near the car. Our prayer is that our neighbors would see Christian forgiveness modeled. 

Restoration. Thank you Lord. We know that God is our defender and we prayed a prayer of safety over our car, but not at the expense of our neighbors salvation through our ongoing testimony in this area. 

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Unknown said...

We were so glad you were able to be at Anna's wedding! So sorry about your car though.....