Wednesday, January 12, 2022

My Dad (Part 1)

 My dad went to be with Jesus yesterday at 5:37pm after battling Covid for a few weeks. He was surrounded by family and profoundly loved by all.

On Saturday the 8th I was able to visit him in the hospital as his ordained minister. We said all we wanted to each other for an hour and it was a beautiful time. Even in this current moment of grieving I recognize that it’s a sacred gift to be able to be with a loved one when they pass. So many don’t have that opportunity and I’m thankful I was able to close my fathers eyes with my own hand Gen. 46:4. The Saturday before he passed, he asked me to talk about something else other than his health etc. He asked me what I was learning in seminary. I shared with him that what’s been gripping my heart recently is the gospel experienced by Jesus from the Father in Matthew 3. Before Jesus had begun any of his earthly ministry, overcoming temptation in the desert, healing, preaching, performing miracles and ultimately going to the cross for the sins of the world… the Father pronounced his love on the son saying, “this is my son in whom I’m well pleased.” My dad then looked at me and said, “I never told you this before, but I use to tell you as a baby, “you’re my boy in whom I’m well pleased.” I know I’m not God, but I loved you because you were mine.” For me, this was one of the most profound moments I ever had with my dad. To know you’re loved before you’ve ever done anything is huge. To live from the Heavenly Fathers love is everything. We can’t earn what’s already been pronounced over us. I’m so thankful for the loving life of my dad.

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