Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The Wealthiest Man in Town

Above: Pastor David & David House Build Trip w/ Bethel Ministries International July, 2021

    Financially, my dad was never a wealthy man. Like George Bailey from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ though, he was “the richest man in town,” relationally. Right before dad died, he donated a complete house with bunk beds and stove to a family in Guatemala through Bethel Ministries International. He knew what it was like to grow up in a single mom household and he was so excited to give a home to a single mom in Central America. He’d never want me to tell you that as it might throw off some of his “rewards in heaven,” but I’m not too worried about that anymore. Being that he’s already in heaven, he’s all set, so I freely share what he did. I also share that I have the incredible opportunity to build this house dad donated with my own hands... and so much more. 

    On April 22nd-29th a team from Calvary Chapel Sequim (and others like myself from around the country) will build 4 houses, distribute wheelchairs for over 50 people as well as food and Bibles to as many individual families as we can. 

    Each complete house including stove and bunk bed cost $3700. Each wheelchair, $170, and month+ supply of food for a family with Bible, $50. Would you consider donating one of these items or part of one of these items for the ‘Mike Piper Memorial Trip’ by clicking the link HERE or below? Total material cost for this trip will be approximately $24,905. Whatever you donate towards, I will take a picture of the person who receives it so you can see them and cherish what you gave towards. 

Donate to Mike Piper Memorial House Build Trip

3/31/22 Update - We've Raised $24,119 of our $31,130 goal. $7,011 Remains

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