Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fiji to NZ .... burned to a crisp.

The chief end of man is to worship and glorify God forever. Im seeking to do that everyday even as this "party" beach environment isn't interested. Yesterday after praying for quite some time I was able to share the gospel with 3 different people which greatly encouraged me as I almost considered this time a complete waste as many people are not sober etc. The other night I was selected to play a "game" at the hostel and after discovering the sexual rules to the game I walked off the stage as insults from the crowd came in , but the next day It made my witness to the 3 more effective as I shared my story. Don't get me wrong this place is beautiful , it just leaves my soul feeling restless and lethargic.... I can't wait to go to NZ.

Upon arrival here I found an awesome Kiwi couple that offered to take me into their home in NZ just 6 miles outside of the college . Where im praying like crazy is that I could lodge at the school for just $35 more a week and it would include food and I wouldnt have to commute . At the same time the people I could lodge with teach english at an international school (right up my ally!) and it pays super well so they could be my IN . With school lodging I could pay for one month short of the semester so lodging there in the christian community might not be an option unless I can pay for more at a later date after I have a job . God has blessed me so much and all doors have been opened upon coming here im seeking His BEST for me , not just what is good at the moment. Please pray that lodging , money , job all becomes clear to me in His good timing . This isnt a super comprehensive update as the internet is suuuuper expensive . Pray that all these things become clear. God is soooo good. Im just as excited as ever. thanks for your support...


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Danny said...

Super stoked and praying for you! Keep up the witness for those people, God has you planting seeds everywhere already! Will pray for you on the lodging but I think it will become very clear very soon what God wants you to do!