Monday, October 5, 2020

Falling Into Place

Above: Western Mugshot 

Yep. That’s right. Start as you mean to continue… and I began the blog with a horrible pun. What hasn’t been horrible is the wild journey God has brought us on. Learning to trust more and more even when I have less and less idea of what we’re doing here. I’m becoming ok with this, at least today.

Above: Door of Hope

(9/20) After the fiery exile of smokey Portland air, we kicked off Fall right by attending the first in person service at Door of Hope. I then made my debut as an usher the following week (9/27) with Lauren. It’s been a wonderful experience to be reunited with the saints here. There was more than just smoke looming over my head as I decided to drop a class and attempt to test out of it. With all the wild happenings, I felt overwhelmed and underprepared to write essays for three classes given the circumstances. (9/23) The oral examination took up a lot of real-estate in my brain as I prepared for it- but fortunately I passed the hour long test with at least some colors flying. Very thankful to receive credit for a class and not actually have to take it as my academic adviser originally instructed. (9/24) That evening we met all of our neighbors at the apartment complex as a fire alarm went off which made for some cool opportunities to chat with many people at once.

God has blessed us relationally by going out twice with couples from school and our homegroup. We got to take one of these couples from North Carolina to In-n-Out Burger for the first time (10/2) which is always a tremendous honor. A small library crew of guys is developing as we study together. My study philosophy has always been “if the libraries open, I’m in it,” and that remains true today which has provided a helpful rhythm of daily work and rest. I’ve been cranking out essays and feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things. What remains uncertain is to what we’re to be doing here when not studying. I feel a pull to get back into ministry (maybe?) but don’t know what to do with that. Portland is expensive and since everything is over Zoom we’re not sure what the future really looks like but optimistic. It’s truly one foot in front of the other as we keep be-leafing in what God is going to do this October and beyond.

Above: Jumped in the icy Willamette River on a smokey evening... 

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